Used Rolex men watches

among listing of original Rolex men watches

among listing of original Rolex men watches


Having a watch from prestigious  watch maker is a reward for a man for their achievements. It is  a symbol for power of success. Many people dreamed about having a Rolex as a time keeper.

Although Rolex watches known for their expensive price, still people  wanted to have it as a luxury item.  For some people,  used rolex men watches are already good enough, rather than spending too much money for a brand new.

Having pre-owned Rolex watches is not a big deal. Nobody cares if you are wearing used watches or new. The matter is, it’s a precious item as many people wish to have it.

However, we have to be more careful when buying Rolex watches online as there are lots of pirated items sold.  To make sure you can get used rolex watches men original, please buy from authorized and legal dealer. One of the most secure and trustworthy channel is through  Besides men, there are thousands of Rolex watches for women available. Simply click on this link and happy shopping.


Durian Goreng Muar

Original photo of Durian Goreng Muar by Syoknya Ummi

Durian fritters or locally known as durian goreng is actually kind of weird food. Even durian is very popular in Malaysia, unfortunately durian goreng is not commercially done, not like pisang goreng (banana fritters / fried banana).


When realizing potential of Malaysian King of Fruit (durian), MuhasabahTrading dot com take drastic move, commercializing the durian goreng. Under the name of Syoknya Ummi, this durian fritters goes for branding to strengthen their name with various durian products.

For customers, you can buy Durian Goreng Muar by Syoknya Ummi in two ways, either to get it hot, or you can get it as a frozen food.

Durian Goreng Muar banner

For passer-by along jalan Muar heading to Tangkak, the banner above can be seen easily to acknowledge the appearance of Durian Goreng Muar.

PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle

This item will be released on September 9, 2014.
Pre-order now.

Ships from and sold by

  •     Add the matching Accessories with White Gold Headset and White Dualshock 4.
  •     On PlayStation, always get more of what you need to leave your mark on the Destiny universe. More co operative Strikes, more multiplayer maps, and a greater arsenal of weapons
  •     With PSN and PlayStation Plus, gain access to the most socially connected gaming community. Go online to form a Fire Team with fellow Guardians and join massive public battles to reclaim humanity’s future.
  •     Connect with your Fire Team and enhance your Destiny Experience with PlayStation Headsets, featuring wireless 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom Audio Modes, and more
  •     Broadcast and celebrate your epic moments at the press of the Share button to Twitch, UStream, Facebook and Twitter
  •     In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Join with friends to form a Fire Team and explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Reclaim all that we have lost. Become legend.


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