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I am an agent for Takaful life, represent eTiQa Takaful. I’m supposed to give information to public as many as I can to educate them on how importance is a life insurance / Takaful life.

However, I haven’t had proper time to focus on this Takaful matter as I am too busy manage my other business. To make it worse, I don’t have permanent worker for nearly two months now. That’s why I have to manage and work at the cafe.

For the time being, I already started with the Takaful with new arrangement and updating the blog and facebook page. Soon, I will start seeing people to  get potential client, after I can get a permanent employee for my cafe.

Seriously it is very though job to manage my time as I spent quite a long hours at the cafe. Besides, I still have to send our products to the  agents. That worsen my time shortage.

Perhaps I can try the alternative method to meet potential clients and spend time to explain to them about the takaful products and benefits. I reveal the secret methods here as I still not proven for the efficiency.

Anyway, wish me luck and I’ll get back to you for the next update.

Its 31st August

malaysia-flag wavingMalaysia flag

31st August means another day to ending the month. BUT for Malaysian, it means a lot as they are celebrating the independence day.

It is the 57th National Day (Malaysian get the independence on 31st August 1957).

Normally, there will be  fireworks show on the  clock ticking to 12 midnight, followed by National Day marching at the national level and state level on the next morning.

The most interesting part is, everybody having nice long weekend holiday :)

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