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Busy life

bus stand Bentayan, (Muar - Pagoh)

bus stand Bentayan, (Muar – Pagoh)


I admit my business is not really big but my problem is I don’t have spare time to start few online projects. I already told my wife that we need for an employee. One person should be enough for the time being.

She agreed without complaint.

There is nothing much that I can do if I’m still here stuck at the cafe  helping manage the kitchen. At the other hand, my Takaful business stuck going nowhere with my busy schedule.

Seriously I have to move on with revised operation structure of the cafe. Otherwise my time will be wasted. That doesn’t count when I have to run shopping if suddenly our stuffs run of of stock. Sometimes I have to go to Muar, and sometime to Tangkak.

I think that should be enough for today’s update.  Tomorrow will come with new schedule. The new boy is coming for interview.

Its 31st August

malaysia-flag wavingMalaysia flag

31st August means another day to ending the month. BUT for Malaysian, it means a lot as they are celebrating the independence day.

It is the 57th National Day (Malaysian get the independence on 31st August 1957).

Normally, there will be  fireworks show on the  clock ticking to 12 midnight, followed by National Day marching at the national level and state level on the next morning.

The most interesting part is, everybody having nice long weekend holiday :)

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