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Seminar Takaful Tomorrow

Seminar at etiqa takaful credit to

Seminar at etiqa takaful credit to

Previously I talked about Takaful @ Islamic insurance that slowly forgettable from my life.

BUT, I come out of the dream. I wake up and made a move.

Tomorrow, I will be joining a seminar held at eTiQa Takaful, Melaka  branch headquarters. I still not clear about what it is all about, but I’m gonna share with you probably tomorrow, after its finished.

Islamic Insurance a.k.a Takaful

Takaful life Islamic Insurance


I am an agent for Takaful life, represent eTiQa Takaful. I’m supposed to give information to public as many as I can to educate them on how importance is a life insurance / Takaful life.

However, I haven’t had proper time to focus on this Takaful matter as I am too busy manage my other business. To make it worse, I don’t have permanent worker for nearly two months now. That’s why I have to manage and work at the cafe.

For the time being, I already started with the Takaful with new arrangement and updating the blog and facebook page. Soon, I will start seeing people to  get potential client, after I can get a permanent employee for my cafe.

Seriously it is very though job to manage my time as I spent quite a long hours at the cafe. Besides, I still have to send our products to the  agents. That worsen my time shortage.

Perhaps I can try the alternative method to meet potential clients and spend time to explain to them about the takaful products and benefits. I reveal the secret methods here as I still not proven for the efficiency.

Anyway, wish me luck and I’ll get back to you for the next update.

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