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Cendol durian Muar

Cendol durian Muar

Cendol durian Muar

Cendol durian Muar

This is the menu of cendol at CSLB & Grill Burger, Muar Tangkak. The cendol focus more on variety of durian, cempedak and normal cendol.

The cendol durian shared places with cslb (coconut shake luar biasa), muar Tangkak.

The cendol business officially launched on Saturday, 22 of July 2016. Hope there will be huge crowd of cendol lovers coming here.

Chocolate durian poppia goreng


Yesterday, we start marketing our popia durian goreng and popia durian coklat. The first agent outlet supplied with the poppia durian is LYC Tangkak.

10 packs of Syoknya Ummi products placed at the outlet for the beginning to test the market.

We hope people will enjoy the taste, especially chocolate durian poppiah.

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