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Durian crepe KL

Durian crepe Muar Melaka KL in 2 variants


I am now trying to rank Durian crepe KL on the 1st page google SERP. Currently, the page “senarai ejen” ranked 5th on the google page search results.

Since haven’t blog for quite a long time, there are lots of techniques and skills that might be out of my intentions.

I personally think that it is not an easy job to get this mission accomplished, especially when compare to other blogs with good PR and Alexa ranking.

Even, the phrase “durian crepe KL” don’t have much competitor (about 97,900 results), I have to study and did some research to freshen up my skills and knowledge in SEO.

I wish I can come out on the first page google searc results with the keyword “durian crepe KL” or maybe “durian crepe KL area” within this months. Wish me luck.

Durian Goreng Muar

Original photo of Durian Goreng Muar by Syoknya Ummi

Durian fritters or locally known as durian goreng is actually kind of weird food. Even durian is very popular in Malaysia, unfortunately durian goreng is not commercially done, not like pisang goreng (banana fritters / fried banana).


When realizing potential of Malaysian King of Fruit (durian), MuhasabahTrading dot com take drastic move, commercializing the durian goreng. Under the name of Syoknya Ummi, this durian fritters goes for branding to strengthen their name with various durian products.

For customers, you can buy Durian Goreng Muar by Syoknya Ummi in two ways, either to get it hot, or you can get it as a frozen food.

Durian Goreng Muar banner

For passer-by along jalan Muar heading to Tangkak, the banner above can be seen easily to acknowledge the appearance of Durian Goreng Muar.

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