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Finally durian crepe Mydin

Ahmad IQbal, Ammar Zakwan and Afiq at Mydin Bemban, Jasin Melaka


Finally our durian crepe officially can be found at Mydin Bemban, Jasin, Melaka. Previously, I had mention about durian crepe Mydin which its just a dream to market the products. Luckily, D’Kaseh Cake kiosk at Mydin agreed to collaborate with us.

Now, people from Jasin area will be easy to get durian crepe. They don’t have to travel far to get this rare dessert, especially during durian outer season.



Durian crepe Mydin Melaka


Durian Crepe Muar Melaka KL

Syoknya Ummi Durian Crepe

My wife received a phone call from Mydin Jasin (Melaka) management today. They request our durian crepe to be sold at their Mydin Jasin outlet as they still don’t have the popular demand dessert.

We really appreciate the offer from Mydin Jasin but we will working out the plan either to open the stall on seasonal period or maybe on our new agent in Melaka?

We will let you know the results soon.

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